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Helping You Save Money

If you're looking for cheap yet quality graduation robes, caps, tassels, diplomas, honor cords, or any other graduation supplies, then Budget Graduation Caps and Gowns is your ultimate source for all of your graduate’s needs.

Compare our prices to any other cap and gown supplier online, and you will find that we provide the lowest cost for robes, gowns, tassels and even sashes. If price is your bottom line we cannot be beat.

In today's economic climate price is a bigger factor than ever before. We all want to find the very best value for our money. Why pay more when you really don't need to, especially when you are purchasing a product you require each and every year. When it comes to graduation supplies for the upcoming graduation many schools plan to purchase graduation robes, caps, and tassels. What if these schools could purchase their graduation caps and gowns and save money that could be put back into the school's budget? Budget Graduation offers you that option.

Whether you are a buying a single cap and gown set for yourself, a little graduate, or buying for the full graduating class, you will get the lowest price guaranteed. Please let your school, PTA, or bookstore know that they can save crucial school funds by ordering from Budget Graduation.

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Graduation Cap, Gown, and Tassel Sets

All of our cap, robe, and tassel sets are made from quality shiny polyester with a full zipper front. All Graduation Packages include a Cap, Gown, and a Tassel with a current year date charm.

Our sets are backed by our Low Price Guarantee meaning with Budget Graduation Caps and Gowns you receive the best price possible with the fastest delivery available. Our industry leading delivery and processing times mean we deliver in time for the graduates to try on their robes to ensure a proper fit. With our uniquely fast processing times orders normally ship within 24 hours at no additional cost. For more information on processing and shipping times, click here.

Graduation Tassels

Our Preschool and Kindergarten Graduation Tassels are perfectly sized for children. Our preschool tassels are a full 3 ½ inches shorter than our high school tassels or college graduate tassels making them the perfect size for your little graduate. Preschool graduation tassels also come with a smaller year date charm that compliments our child sized graduates.

Elementary through College graduation tassels are sized 3 ½ inches longer than our children tassels and include a larger current year date charm.

Do tassels move left-to-right or right-to-left? Have other questions about graduations? Click here to read our blog.