Child Size Graduation Tassel and Year Charm

Child Size Graduation Tassel and Year Charm

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Our Child Size Graduation Tassel and Year Charm Set is perfectly sized for children! This Tassel Set is sure to be a cherished keepsake for years to come by Preschool or Kindergarten graduates and their parents alike. Small fits 3' - 3'9", Medium fits 3'10" - 4'1", Large fits 4'2" - 4'5", X Large fits 4'6" - 4'9". Children should be measured with shoes on.

The child graduation tassels are 3 ½ inches shorter than our adult graduation tassels and also come with a smaller year date charm that is the properly sized for our child sized graduation tassels.

Graduation Tassel Measurements:
Loop (Top portion of tassel that attaches to cap button): 6 Inches
Tassel (Portion below Loop): 5.5 Inches

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