How to Wear Graduation Caps and Gowns

02/03/2012 by Budget Graduation

It is important to try on your graduation cap and gown upon receiving it.  It is equally important to order with enough time to exchange it if needed.

For the best results try on the graduation gown with the outfit that will be worn at the graduation.

Skirts or dresses should not be longer than the gown.  If pants are worn they should be a dark color, ideally black, with black shoes.  It is recommended to wear a button up shirt with tie if wearing pants.

Be careful not to choose a color outfit that will clash with or overshadow the graduation cap and gown color.  Be careful of wearing dark clothing under a lighter colored graduation cap and gown as it may show through slightly.  If wearing pants under a white graduation cap and gown khaki or tan colored pants may look best. 

Take the weather into account when deciding on an outfit.  If graduating in the warmer months of the summer dress lightly.  If the graduation will be held in cooler temperatures dress warmer as graduations have a tendency not to be short and it might be a while before you have an opportunity to warm up. 

Wear the gown like a jacket with the zipper in the front.  During the ceremony the graduation gown should remain zipped up. 

Graduation caps are marked on the inside to let you know which end is the front.  The front will always have a tip.  The flat side of the graduation cap is never the front.

Try the cap on with the hair style the graduate will be wearing on graduation day.  This will ensure you the graduation cap will fit properly.  It will also show how the hairstyle will look after wearing a graduation cap.

Don't forget to see our section on how to wear your graduation tassel if you have any questions on tassels.